Bob’s Custom Built Homes was established in 1954 by Robert DeSpain, thus the name Bob’s Custom Redi Built Homes. Mr. DeSpain owned and operated the company until 1982. John Shoaf, present owner and operator of Bob’s Custom Built Homes/Shoaf Construction Co., began working for the company as a framer in 1970. He became a partner in 1980 and sole owner and operator in 1984.

John graduated from Texas Tech in 1972 and brought to the business many new and innovative ideas. He has dedicated 42 years to this company and strives to build a custom built home that is both structurally stronger than most homes built on location as well as energy efficient.

John designed and built the first two and three piece redi-built homes, adding both variety and size to the custom redi-built business. Many of the highly qualified craftsmen that  construct our custom homes have been with the company an average of 20 to 30 years and are dedicated to building the highest quality finished product.

Most of our homes are built at the Bob’s Custom Redi-Built Homes location in Lubbock, Texas  then moved to sites within Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas.  On-site construction is available within the Lubbock area.